2004 Oct. - Dec. ARCHIVE

12.29 Site Update: Download section opened; The opening sequence of Taikong Baolei, scans of Robotech articles on Chinese magazines, wallpapers and E-cards and more are available for download now. Cast & Crew section opened; The voice crew list added.

12.21 The first Chinese Robotech DVD is out! The Macross Saga is in store now. This DVD box set of the first 36 episodes of Robotech contains 9 disks, dubbed in English and Chinese (the 1991's original voice audio track). An 18-disk VCD version of The Macross Saga is also released simultaneously with the DVDs. The Masters and The New Generation will be released next year. We will add more details of the DVD into the section: Merchandise Info in a couple of days.

Here are the poster and the promotional art for this DVD.

12.13 Johnny reports: Guangdong Qianhe will make the first DVD Boxset of Taikong Baolei in store at the end of December. Joyo.com (Amazon's Chinese subsidiary) also provides an advertisement art for the upcoming DVD.

12.10 Site Update: Fandom CN - Two entries added in Fan Arts; Five entries added in Fan Fictions; The new section Fan Comics opened for the new 4-frame fan comics by sf627 and mpi.

12.5 Site Update: Merchandise Info - Robotech the novel added; The comic adaptation added.

11.27 Liz reports: a music score book for piano-playing recently published by Beijing Publishing House contains the music sheet of "Together", the song from Robotech the Sentinels. (Updated 12.4: the sheet music and piano-playing demo added) more.

11.27 Stevenwoody and vf-action report: China Education TV Cartoon Channel aired a 4-part review of Robotech on Oct. 19th - 22nd.

11.1 Site Update: Introduction of Taikong Baolei added. Introduction of RTUCN added.

10.25 After Guangdong Qianhe successfully produced Transformers DVD in Region 6, their actions on Robotech initiated. The first Chinese Robotech DVD will be released in 2005. Here is a link: Qianhe's booth at China International AV expo earlier this month in Guangdong.

10.1 Happy National Day !

10.1 RTUCN 's English Website is opening now !