2005 Jan. - Dec. ARCHIVE

05.9.18 Tonight's the night, enjoy your moon cakes!

05.8.20 Chen Wu is the moderator of RTUCN's The Shadow Chronicles message board, she has interviewed Mr. Kevin MeKeever, the Operations Coordinator of Robotech.com recently in August 2005. The questions had been collected from our forum, and their answers are what fans here in China are eagerly to know or have been seeking for a long time. more

05.8.19 The always-resourceful Darkwater and his site SCN released a new fan-made video, this time it has a Chinese version as well. RTUCN hosts a mirror of the video: English version; Chinese version.

05.8.19 Forum member Aoding and Gewir sent us some pictures from Guangzhou, where an exciting anime convention was held just over the last week. Check out this link to see the cute cosplayers and a Veritech Fighter statue that was brought there by GDQH.

05.7.6 Our member C.W. is back from ROBOCON20/AX05. She was so excited and couldn't wait to post her report of this event on our forum!

05.7.3 Site Update: Fandom CN - Some new arts added in the section Fan Arts: Mikko from Sweden brought us two perfect paintings - Minmei and Climb; the artworks exhibited in the RTUCN Fan Festival '05 also added to the gallery.

05.6.12 Guangdong Qianhe attended the First China International Cartoon and Animation Festival, which was held earlier this month in Hangzhou. Please check our member xiangkeng's report on the forum.

05.6.12 Site Update: Taikong Baolei - Download: The video clip of Toonmax's report of RTUCN Fan Festival '05 on May 4th, 2005; Fan Festival '05 Cards. Robotech soundtrack discography (some contents are in Chinese).

05.4.13 ToonMax(Shanghai TV Cartoon Channel) listed RTUCN.COM as one of their editors' choices of March! Though only 30 seconds show time we got, it's the first time our site on TV! And from Guangdong Qianhe, we got the latest poster for the New Generation.

05.3.20 U.E.G Production and their ROBOTECH 3D animation movie project is looking for modelers, screenwriters, animators, etc. Please check their latest work and give them your support.

05.3.20 The Masters DVDs are released in China! There are always more fans of this saga than you could imagine! Site Update: Merchandise Info - DVD The Masters Saga added; Taikong Baolei - Download: Taikong Baolei ending sequence (1991 Shanghai TV version)

05.3.12 Taikong Baolei is loved by Tsinghua students, and so many fans joined our convention. The report and the photos are coming soon.

05.3.1 The THU student Sci-Fi Club will screen ROBOTECH II: the Sentinels on March 12th in prestigious Tsinghua University. (Updated 3.8:) We are going to hold a small convention for the fans, more photos will come up after Saturday.

05.2.19 Darkwater's Robotech Shadow Chronicles News presents a fan-made trailer of the long awaited new Robotech series. Check it out, you won't be disappointed!

05.2.18 Liz reports: Comic.163.com added a logo for RTUCN's fan festival, now you can see minmei smiling to you on the main page of this very influential Chinese website's anime/manga section for the next following whole month.

05.2.14 Johnny reports: According to Guangdong Qianhe's schedule, the second and the third saga of Robotech will be released on DVD in China in February and May separately. Here is the poster of the Masters Saga. And the Macross Saga is still in last week's joyo.com top-selling list, amazing, isn't it?

05.2.9 Happy Chinese new year! Gong He Xin Xi! It is the day of firecrackers and fireworks! May the new lunar year of Rooster bring you much happiness and prosperity! Click here for our new year card - Minmei Doll Sending You Good Fortune.

05.2.8 Comic.163.com set up a fixed link to RTUCN's fan festival in What's Hot section. If you are interested in giving chances to the fans here in China to enjoy your Robotech fan art, please send your artwork to [ rtuchina @ gmail . com ], we will recommend the excellent ones to comic.163.com to get more opportunities for exposure. Meanwhile, a petition of bringing Robotech back on TV is going on, and the petition letter will be send to the major Chinese TV stations after the fan festival.

05.2.3 Ryan Samuels of Ryan-z.com made a new welcome page for us. Please visit his site to check his latest work on Robotech 3D mechs.

05.1.24 We are celebrating RTUCN's 4th anniversary, and launching the 3rd annual fan festival now! We present a Robotech fan art competition during the festival, please send your artwork to us before February 28th and get a chance to win! And more to come...

05.1.16 Site Update: Merchandise Info - VCD & VHS added; special thanks to via933 and Breetai from Tangshan, for their generous contribution to RTUCN.

05.1.10 Site Update: Fandom CN - Two entries added in the section Fan Fics; ShadowEye brought us the newest chapter of Lynn Jason's Life In Zero, and Dana's Mirror by Wasserbogen is a novelette with intriguing plots and enlightening descriptions of the Tirolian cultures.

05.1.9 Happy new year! We finally set up the pages for the Chinese Robotech DVD release. Besides, RTUCN is on the acknowledgement list of this DVD!