2006 Jan. - Dec. ARCHIVE

06.12.25 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! - Greeting from RTUCN

06.8.15 Site Update:

There are many new Fans' Arts & Fics added in this section:Lisa Forever from mpi, Minmay from cuijia, and etc..

06.7.23 Site Update: Fandom CN - The Music section has been renovated completely, enjoy the songs online!

06.7.21 SFWCD announces the Chinese version of the Robotech novel: The New Generation will be in stores in August 2006! Cover preview.

06.7.12 Curtain rings down on the 4th RTUCN Fan Festival, all the excellent works contributed by our members are presented here.

06.1.24 Our 5th anniversary celebration launches The 4th RTUCN Fan Festival today!