RTUCN is the acronym of Robotech Union @ China .
Internet Website Address is http:// www.rtucn.com .

RTUCN was founded on Jan.24.2001 by kiki with M.D.'s organization. Initially the purpose of our union was to provide Chinese Robotech fans a forum, which was shared by several Chinese Robotech fansites. Soon it became the largest Robotech community in China. As our community grew, RTUCN incorporated the contents from some Chinese fansites and its own website was set up by Wasserbogen in 2002. Since the very beginning, RTUCN has dedicated itself to provide the news and information of Robotech Universe to Chinese Robotech fans, and also served as a window of the community.

RTUCN is the base where we continue our dreams. We are calling for all the fans joining together, to share the same dreams and love of Robotech.


by Liz Kao-Chyi (a.k.a. kiki)

Back in the year 2000, the first Chinese Robotech fan-pages were quietly being set up.

In the spring a university student, Chenlee, opened his homepage, which was part of a computer game design course project. It surprisingly contained a four-page-introduction on Robotech. And at almost the same time, a young girl called Khyron, also finished her fan-page called "warlord Khyron". These two early reminders of the longtime Chinese Robotech series, caught the eye of fans who still held onto fading memories of their beloved Taikong Baolei (Robotech). This also marked the beginning of a mission to gather all the Robotech fans in the country together to share their memories and ideas.

Fans were excited that their vague dreams of the inter-galactic love and war epic were becoming clear again. Among them there was a girl who decided to construct an informative site on Robotech. After her hard-work during the entire summer holiday, 'kiki's China Roboclub' was put online. It turned out to be the first comprehensive Chinese Robotech site.

Soon after, kiki's site proved itself a success. Almost 200 people had subscribed to its mailing list by the end of 2000. Her site soon needed a discussion board. While kiki's site was expanding, more than 10 new Chinese Robotech related fan-sites appeared, and the animation was also re-aired on several local TV channels. A friend of kikis', M.D. who was the webmaster of R&M, suggested that in order to unite all the Robotech fans in China a forum should be set up and shared by all the Chinese fan-sites. M.D.contacted all the fan-sites, and persuaded most of them to join kiki's forum project. And on January 24th, 2001, the forum 'Robotech Union At China' ,which was shared by nine Chinese Robotech related fan-sites, was opened. This was a milestone for the Robotech fandom in China.

A fan community started to materialize. In its early stage, the community gathered many devoted fans who shared their fan-arts and fan-fics. Six months after the start of this community the first Robotech get-together was held. Wasserbogen, one of the initiators of the first Chinese Robotech fan gathering, started to devote her talent to RTUCN as well as promoting the great animated series Taikong Baolei (Robotech) in China.

For various reasons by the end of 2001, several fan-sites including kiki's that had joined the Union ceased to update their sites. Some site-owners even hoped RTUCN could inherit the collections and contents of their sites. There was also a request by many community members that they wanted to read the information provided by Robotech.com in Chinese. Thus, the website RTUCN began the construction of a best site to Chinese fans.

Initially Wasserbogen did the arduous work almost by herself. Everyone was amazed at her elaborate work when she finished the schematic design of the new website. In order to make the content rich and informative, a team was organized to translate the official materials from Robotech.com. Another team carried on the task to collect the fan-works that had been submitted to the forum. And two diligent girls ,Wasserbogen and kiki, compiled many valuable Robotech resources which were scattered throughout the Union's fan-sites. The working teams consisted of zealot Robotech fans from the community. Most of them later became kernel members of the Union, and have been working for Chinese Robotech fans voluntarily.

The website came out shortly after RTUCN's one year anniversary. From the very beginning, it was made by fans for fans. As the community steadily grew larger, the Union decided to focus on Robotech's revival in China. The series had earned its fame and glory among the children of the early 1990's, now it needed to be recognized by the younger demographic who often took Taikong Baolei as an awkward Chinese version of the 'SDF Macross'.

Compared with the video resources, Jack McKinny's Robotech novels were easy to access in China. Though the novels were written in English, some community members were able to read them. The Union encouraged them to discuss the novels and translate the chapters which they recommended. After reading some sample Chinese translations, SFW-CD, the largest SF/Fantasy book distributor in China, informed the Union they had reserved the rights to the books and had decided to produce all the Robotech novels in Chinese. Later they made RTUCN the Chinese Robotech novels designated website, and the official discussion board.

One kernel member Johnny (a.k.a AFU) planned and contributed a series of Robotech reviews and articles under the Unions name. Several mainstream magazines adopted and published these reviews. With this mainstream exposure RTUCN saw an increase in the number of registered users, along with an increase in fan fics and art.

To celebrate RTUCN's second anniversary, a one-month Internet activity for the community was held. It was called 'the Launching Festival' and the theme was - 'Robotech Verse Contest & Prose Solicit'. 'The Launching Festival' was welcomed by all the Robotech fans. It was a good chance to display their talents and devotion to their beloved animation. Nearly one hundred entries were received during the festival, and more than ten were awarded. The response from the community was great and one of the prose even said: "'The Launching Festival' is such a unique activity, totally a carnival full of surprises and pleasantries for all Robotech fans".

RTUCN development wasn't completely problem free. It had endured some low-points in its development, like a disrupt crisis and database lost, but the greatest fans always had faith in the Union and Robotech. They were always willing to do things for the community. By the end of the 2nd Launching Festival, the Union compiled a Robotech fan music CD to thank all the great fans' for their support. It couldn't have been possible without all those dedicated people, and their common love for this inter-stellar epic. And now, it is time for the Union to acknowledge to the whole world all these great Robotech fans in this ancient country! We will continue to strive together to improve our sharing community!