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My ID is Alex originated from the great emperor Alexandre. I am in charge of Lounge I with Xuner and Captain Horizon. I am fond of varied things, like sports, playing and listening music, reading history and philosophy books, painting with pencil or colour, and so on. You are welcome if you'd like to discuss or share any opinions or materials with me.


I am cocola, a structure engineer(now a student),one of the founders of RTUCN. I am from Chongqing, working in Chengdu,and will study in Kunming Science&Technique University. I have been to Ganzi Sichuan and Ali Sitsang,where there is even no mobile signals.
I was bending myself in the difference of Robotech and Macross in the past.I like Lisa very much,I also like Nova Satori in the South Cross Army,she seldom laughs. I am good at 3D modeling and watering at web forum. I always dreams being a pilot but now only a car driver (what a failure I am!)


My initials happen to be the same as for ClockWise, so that's why I took it as my ID. I am a graduate student in science major, and this partly explains why I am an SF fan.
Robotech is my favorite anime, although I only saw it once on TV, back in time when I was still a 7th grader. It's just unforgettable.
Writing is my hobby, so is drawing, unfortunately I'm not very skilled in the latter. Translation work to me is part of writing, which I enjoy the most. Everything I've done here for Robotech union is like flying in the sky of imagination, and fulfilling a childhood dream, or say, to live myself in that world with endless universe and shining stars.


Male. I'm a graphic designer from Shanghai. I'm also a idealist, and I'm very pleased to design for RTUCN, because this place is a dreamland where the dream continueing.


Full Name: Beter Hans
Location: Shanghai-China
Description: A little ROBOTECH FAN.
HI ALL, Fortunately! I found this place to meet you all. When I was 10 years old, I met the ROBOTCH. from that time it's became my best favorite animetion. So I tried to found any thing about it, but no harvest until I found here [ROBOTECH UNION OF CHINA]. and the Official []Due to the love for ROBOTECH, I was fell for Virtual Piloting games and Aero Technology. -_^ . so if you would be my wingman.
The music is very important element for ROBOTECH. yes! I also love and "play" music! I collect great music albums, including moderm symphony, New age, Classic movie&game's OST, and some personal original works. and also I'm a amateurish recording director. Record for my friends and my own. but i can't read almost music staff at all. it's a pity...
Follow KiKi's order, I've join the RTUCN "cooly" team for ROBOTECH news, and translation to chinese.


Male Profession: a copywriter of IT magazines. I joined in RTUCN in 2001 and have been the director in charge of the public relation affairs for the union since then.
I'm fond of the music of ROBOTECH and good at chatting and writing. Collecting outmoded things of 1980s is my hobby.


Female, I'm one of the founders of RTUCN, exercising the profession of Internet Technology.
Favorite character of ROBOTECH: Marie Crystal
Favorite armour of ROBOTECH: VF-8 Logan


I am M.D.,once a civil engineer,now an editor. Early cocola and I made a website named Roboch&Macross so that We made many friends on the net such as chenlee¡¢khyron¡¢kiki¡¢dayuan¡¢minmay etc. Later cocola and I became one of the founders of RTUCN. I'm belong to Gemini,have many interest,and am good at English and Computer.


I prefer night to day, for stars twinkling in the sky. Animes with a theme of space navigation are always my favorites. And to my mind Robotech is beyond all doubt the best one. What I've done here for Robotech Union @ China is to cherish the time of my life with Robotech en scene.

Paladin Horizon

Male, 20-year-old, Leo(zodiac)
Rank: Five-star General
I've served RTUCN since I joined in it in January 3rd,2003. I'm the commander of Horizon Force and a student in video recording, in charge of LoungeI (Chatting) and Lounge III (Movie), as well as an affair assistant and diplomatic envoy of RTUCN.

Paladin William

Paladin William, Male, 20-year-old, Cancer(zodiac)
I'm a senior staff office of Horizon Force and a student majoring in TV edition and director , in charge of Lounge III (Movie). Without too much ambitions and desires, I leave the memories fading in my heart.


Male, 22 years old.
Interest in: movies and music, some kinds of computer games,snooker, basketball,photography,and so on.
Varieties of fantastic phenomenon and mysteries in the world seem so attractive to me. And I was once addicted to Spirit, nice drink. For me, ROBOTECH is a legend of the future and an everlasting memory ,and Lisa is my favorite. I'm in charge of Lounge III (Movie) at present, and provide fans in RTUCN with rich resources about ROBOTECH in my ftp for free.


I'm the Chancellor of exchequer of RTUCN, in charge of Fan Fiction/Art and LoungeII (SF/Anime). My favorite are Zor Prime and the flower of life and have great interest in writing and drawing.
Recently I've been fond of ADNA and I dream of being a shrewd businessman, just as my name, in future.


Male. I'm a technician of Internet Technology in North China, and have done some assistant affaires for RTUCN recently.


Lazy as I am, I'm in charge of LoungeII (SF/Anime) now. I'm interested in lots of things but conversant in nothing, and always stay on the line to download music and films from all kinds of animations and comics forums.


Female. I'm an architect from Shanghai, joining in RTUCN in 2001, half a year after its foundation, from a primary motive of putting up my stories of Dana Sterling and Zor Prime, who are my favorite characters. And now I have become the Webmaster here.
I'm good at singing, writing and drawing. I prefer people who know well about music and design and play volleyball well most, while outer space and pilots appeal to me most when I'm dreaming.


I come from Beijing and came across RTUCN when looking for somewhere to download the animations of ROBOTECH from. Now I'm in charge of LoungeI (Chatting).
Preferring Lisa and Rick as my favorite, I've imagined numerous stories which could have happened to them.


Female. Hunan is my homeland but now I have settled in the Neverland with Peter Pan.
I have joined in RTUCN in 2002 and been in charge of Fan Fiction/Art. Having a bright and cheerful but idle disposition, I have interest in many things, especially animes and comics. My favorite cartoonists are Tezuka Osamu, Adachi Mitsuru, Narita Minako and FL.Y
I have been obsessed with ROBOTECH since childhood and a fanatic fan of Rick Hunter.
I have lots of dreams, such as a worldwide peace, being a journalism of National Geographic Magazine, and RTUCN being well-known in the world.