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Lynn Jason's Life In Zero (finished) ShadowEye
Continue (continued) Continue Group
Dark Side of the Moon (continued) alex
Can't Always Get What I Want (finished) charingcrossroad
Corner (finished) plantroseer
Ariose Years (continued) C.W.
The First Night - Continues "Don't Look Back" (finished) yeedar
Memory of Sencond Lieutenant Greenhill (finished) xiwuxi
For Whom the Bell Tolls (finished) faria21
The Last Battle (finished) MarshalStar
The Eve (continued) moontree
Beside the Relic (finished) C.W.
Rebirth 2 (finished) Rick Carter
Because of Love (finished) Holmes
Number One in the World (finished) Sleeping Sea
Bouquet at Dusk (finished) C.W.
Memory of Love (continued) Ice
The Story of Three Novices on SDF (continued) cd0122600
Subversion (continued) Christmas birth
Go Home - for the Return of Carpenter (finished) Rick Carter
If Love Leave (continued) momo
From the Other Shore (finished) Wasserbogen
Mood Essay (finished) Christina
Nimo 13 (continued) Christmas birth
Dana's Mirror (finished) Wasserbogen
Macross Tales (finished) VF19Plus
Don't Give Up Hope (finished) Paradin Horizon
Lisa's Dairy (finished) Christina
A GMP Girl & I (continued) Hero Captain
The Mission (continued) members of RTUCN
The Image Designer from Earth - Adventure on Tirol (continued) Shrewd
The Cloud & I (finished) JiMoDeYao
The Macross Battle (continued) CaptainLion
The Sunflower (finished) Hane Kurosawa
Khyron's Victory (finished) Rick Carter
The Last Supper (finished) Rick Carter
The Longest Day (finished) Rick Carter
Fokker's Mood (finished) Rick Carter
The Sky in Eden (continued) VF19Plus
The Eve of the Decisive Battle - Breetai Canto (finished) Rick Carter
Dana's Fun Wedding (finished) Shrewd
Do You Remeber Love - The Decisive Battle (finished) WJ_Sanddy
Tales of Macross (continued) VF19Plus
Roses of Southern Cross (continued) kiki
The Return of Deja Vu (continued) Wasserbogen
Fokker's Guitar (continued) moontree
As Time Goes By (continued) Asta
The Spoondrift (continued) moontree
Sleeping on the Motherland (finished) faria21
The Secret (finished) Asta
The Capriccio of Skull Leader (finished) VF19Plus
Daedalus Cavalry (continued) fuqq
Minmei's Candlelight (finished) moontree
Do You Remeber Love (finished) Hane Kurosawa
Love Me Again (finished) Hane Kurosawa
Melody - Song Forever I (continued) Hane Kurosawa
D L M (finished) Hane Kurosawa
Macross7:Undercurrent (continued) VF19Plus
Love Is Free (finished) VF19Plus
Macross Expedition Legend II (continued) ZhangJi
3310 (finished) yiyuan
Yong (finished) misa
Dancing on the Blade (finished) Wasserbogen
Ben's Beefsteak (finished) moontree
Macross Expedition Legend (finished) ZhangJi
Max's Wedding (finished) moontree
Lisa's Smile (finished) moontree
Neverland (continued) yiyuan
The Night Before (finished) Wasserbogen
The Black Hole (finished) yiyi
My Lisa (finished) apple
My Battle Life (continued) YuanZui

Life Is No Longer Brittle

(finished) Pallas